Backblast 025.5 – Radio VQ


This is for August 4th, 2018

0700 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX – Tiny Tom, Dungeon Master, Roid Rage, Gravy, Stalingrad, Radio


20 Finkle Swings (IC)

20 Wind Mills (IC)

20 Side Stradle Hops (Silent Call)

The Thangs    

6 Pack- This is an app that I workout with for a brutal 6 to 8 minute abdominal workout. Select level 4 out of 4, select random on the app and do what it says

20 Up 20 Down –  10 Mericans, 5 Elbow to knee situps, 10 Squats, 10 Side stradle hops (all in 1 minute) Repeat 20 times

Mosey to stairs –  Run up stairs, when 1st person comes down turn around with him. Exercise at the bottom was Surfers (Superman while “paddling” in cadence)

Run the stairs in the same way. Exercise at the bottom was single leg hops (20 on each leg). This was done by jumping side to side from one leg to the other. Each time you had to touch your toe before jumping to the other side. This is great for all the downhill skiers in the group.

Mosey back

10 Skier Jump Squats – 1 little hop, 1 medium hop, 1 full jump = 1 Rep

20 Russian Twists (IC)

20 Plank Dips (IC)

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama