Backblast #031 – 9-11 Stair Climb

September 11 is one of the most galvanizing days in our contemporary history – a day that most remember exactly where they were when we heard that the first tower was hit, and many of us remember watching in disbelief as the second tower was hit – which caused us to realize this was more than an accident.

Today is a day to remember the courage of the men and women who rushed in to save the lives of people they had never met, a day to remember we have more in common than we have apart.

Pax: Miss Daisy, Roid Rage, Radio, Depends, Splitter, BasicBro, Mad Cow, Gravy, Stalin, Dungeon Master, Tiny Tom, Forrest, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax met at an early 0515 start time to ensure the majority of us could complete the challenge before 0615. The pax completed some OYO stretches prior to a couple of capri laps where we gathered one late arriving pax. YHC gave a couple quick truth nuggets – about stepping courageously toward challenges the way the first responders did 17 years ago, and also seeking the ideals that bring us together under our tent the way we did on September 12.

The pax then moseyed to the stairs and gathered 14 pebbles along the way. Depends joined us mid-way through the trek as he hit the wrong snooze button on his alarm.

The Thang:

13 trips up & down the steps was the goal, with a 14th trip carrying a 40 lb sandbag up the last 95 steps to round out the 1980 steps that were in the World Trade Center.

Many pax were able to complete the challenge, and those who were not quite able to within the time constraints surpassed their previous bests significantly. Stalin noted how when he first started coming to the workouts in June, he was barely able to make it up and down twice, and he knocked out 11 this morning. Props to Radio, Roid Rage, and Miss Daisy for pushing the pace!

The pax wobbled back across the street for some additional stretching and the CoT where we had one last reminder to live courageously.


  • Tiny Tom has the Q Thursday.

  • Mad Cow has Saturday.

  • Splitter has his VQ next Tuesday.

  • Convergence with F3 Lake Effect a week from Saturday.

  • Tiny Tom’s Oktoberfest on 9/29.

-Bald Eagle out.