Backblast #032 – Engage The Glutes (9/8/18)

7 PAX arrived on a dewy morning at John Ball Zoo for the Candy Striper’s VQ. I had done a run through of this workout with Roid Rage the Monday before and made some modifications. The workout began with some laughs from the PAX but the blood soon began to pump.

Roid Rage, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Basic Bro, Gravy (late!), Radio, Stalin, Candy Striper VQ


– 30 SSH (IC)

– 30 Cherry Pickers w/back clap (IC)

– Indian Run around AO with high knees/butt kickers

The Thang

We then transitioned into an exercise comprised of 3 sets (Side Straddle Hops / Burpees / Merkins) as follows:


Round #1

– 15 side straddle hops, 15 burpees, 15 merkins, plank until everyone done

Round #2

– 10 side straddle hops, 10 burpees, 10 merkins, plank until everyone done

Round #3

– 5 side straddle hops, 5 burpees, 10-15 merkins (challenge yourself), plank until everyone done


The next exercise was a modification of ‘The Spartan’ that Mad Cow had presented at a Thursday workout previous; simply sprints with a period of recovery (and merkins) and back to the starting line. I decided to add the lunges to the recovery aspect and also to engage the glutes. Roid Rage has been wondering for years how and why his brother has such a great ass. Lunges, baby.

– 60 yard sprint (through the cone; if someone doesn’t finish through with full effort, we do an extra)

– 10 lunges back towards start line (x4)

– 20 lunges (x1)

– 30 lunges (x1)

– Jog/run after lunges back to start line

– 15 merkins and plank until everyone done with merkins

Q note: 6 sets were done; ended up adding lunges to last 2 sets due to observation that PAX could most likely handle it. Candy Striper chased different PAX at each set to keep up the intensity and run through the starting line.

Upper Body / Triceps / Core

It was time to give the glutes a break and give the upper body muscles a burn. I wanted guys to finish their pull up reps so I asked that the person standing behind to help guide teammate up to help finish rep (5-7 min.). Success. We then finished with 3 sets of dips (on the benches) and ab swings (hold a plank, put feet up in the swing and pull knees to chest; Roid Rage’s idea, another success.)

Upper Body

– 2 groups on each side

– Everyone does 1-2 pullups

– 5-7 minutes

– If unable to finish reps, have someone behind you apply light pressure in order to complete the rep


– 2 groups

– 15 dips

– 10 ab swings

– Do 3 sets of dips/ab swings

Cool down jog


The circle of trust was comprised of my gratitude towards F3. I mentioned that in the weeks before beginning F3 that I felt I did not need to take part. Roid Rage had been bugging me about it but as a 26 year old in decent shape, I just didn’t see it necessary. I finally decided to tag along one Tuesday morning and my feelings towards F3 shifted. How nice it was to have my workout done by 0630 and to share the endorphin rush with other men. After each workout, I’m incredibly grateful and about as happy as can be. Due to working night shift, it’s hard for me to make most, but I try to make at least one workout a week. An F3 workout is essentially Church for me; mind, body and spirit all lifted as one.

Candy Striper