General workout description given, PAX were informed of the BRICKER exercise to be named ‘Companion Killer’ taken after the video game portal. The QIC had his coupon painted with a pink heart and instructed the group that the coupon is your companion cube, do not be separated.

AO – GRCC Track ‘Hospital Hill’
Dark / Raining / Lighting then the Thunder | 64 degrees | 95% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Bald Eagle, Forest, Depends, Basic Bro, Dungeon Master, Tiny Tomato, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff (FNG), Stalin (VQIC)


25 Companion Windmills (IC)
– With coupon follow the crossing pattern starting at lifted upper left position. ½ Lap mozy with coupon to starting lineup.

The Thang:

4 orange cones were placed along the straightaway on the track line.

Blocking Walkers – In plank position on coupon, legs brought up to meet coupon, then coupon lifted and placed ahead of you (like a walker). PAX performed exercise to the 2nd cone (half way on the straightaway)

Companion Side Lunge – While carrying the companion (coupon) deep side lunges from 2nd to 3rd cone, switched sides and continues to the last cone.

25 Bench Crunches (IC) – On back with coupon on chest legs elevated, crunch, then bench press coupon, back down, to rest.

MOZY back to beginning of straightaway.

Suicide Offset Merkins – Suicides with coupon 5 offset merkins at each cone (alternating elevated arm)

21 Companion Squats (IC) – 4 count traditional squats while holding your coupon. Count was held and elongated to intensify the burn.

25 Bench Crunches (IC)

25 American Hammers w/coupon (IC)

MOZY back to flag reverse ¾ lap. Some leg stretches were done before ending

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


  • Bald Eagle reminded us that Saturday is a Lake Effect convergence at Brewer Park. Post time is 0800. Followed by breakfast, stout, and coffee. & Ultimate Frisbee.

  • Welcome FNG – Hasselhoff

“Thanks for your great work and putting up with my VQ” – Stalin