BackBlast #035 – Companion Killers

General workout description given, PAX were informed of the BRICKER exercise to be named ‘Companion Killer’ taken after the video game portal. The QIC had his coupon painted with a pink heart and instructed the group that the coupon is your companion cube, do not be separated.

AO – GRCC Track ‘Hospital Hill’
Dark / Raining / Lighting then the Thunder | 64 degrees | 95% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Bald Eagle, Forest, Depends, Basic Bro, Dungeon Master, Tiny Tomato, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff (FNG), Stalin (VQIC)


25 Companion Windmills (IC)
– With coupon follow the crossing pattern starting at lifted upper left position. ½ Lap mozy with coupon to starting lineup.

The Thang:

4 orange cones were placed along the straightaway on the track line.

Blocking Walkers – In plank position on coupon, legs brought up to meet coupon, then coupon lifted and placed ahead of you (like a walker). PAX performed exercise to the 2nd cone (half way on the straightaway)

Companion Side Lunge – While carrying the companion (coupon) deep side lunges from 2nd to 3rd cone, switched sides and continues to the last cone.

25 Bench Crunches (IC) – On back with coupon on chest legs elevated, crunch, then bench press coupon, back down, to rest.

MOZY back to beginning of straightaway.

Suicide Offset Merkins – Suicides with coupon 5 offset merkins at each cone (alternating elevated arm)

21 Companion Squats (IC) – 4 count traditional squats while holding your coupon. Count was held and elongated to intensify the burn.

25 Bench Crunches (IC)

25 American Hammers w/coupon (IC)

MOZY back to flag reverse ¾ lap. Some leg stretches were done before ending

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


  • Bald Eagle reminded us that Saturday is a Lake Effect convergence at Brewer Park. Post time is 0800. Followed by breakfast, stout, and coffee. & Ultimate Frisbee.

  • Welcome FNG – Hasselhoff

“Thanks for your great work and putting up with my VQ” – Stalin