Backblast #060 - Monument Men: Battle of the Burpees

AO – Calder Plaza (black ops)

Clear | 26 degrees | 71% humidity

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Mad Cow, Dungeon Master, Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Depends, Forest, Gravy, Kraut, Bubblegum (QIC)


25 SSH (IC)
15 Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap (IC)

The Thang:

Monument Men: Battle if the Burpees…Heard some mumble chatter at that.

Started a Mozy - Calder place to Rosa Parks Circle .30

12 Burpees

Another statue was near so we added a 4x4.

4 Merkins followed by 4 Mountain Climbers

Mozy to Monument Park .30 (.60)

12 Burpees

Found another statue near 4x4

Mozy to Love Campau Promenade .30 (.90)

12 Burpees

Mozy to Noahquageshik Statue .30 (1.20)

12 Burpees

Mozy to Betty Ford .30 (1.50)

12 Burpees

Found another near by statue 4x4

The battle ended. After 5 encounters PAX completed:

60 Burpees 12 Merkins 12 Mountain Climbers

Ventured out to scout for more statues

Mozy across the bridge

20 dips IC

Started a mozy and found at DeVos place with statue across the street

15 Dirty Hookups

QIC messes up cadence - penalty of 5 dirty hookups

Sprint to Michigan St.

Lunge walk to loading zone

Mozy back to Calder Plaza for CoT. Had time for one more!

Choose your level of Derkins - 10 (IC)

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


  • Hasselhoff has Q Thursday (Hospital Hill/ GRCC track) - Bring a coupon

As we ran around GR we visited monuments of people that made an impact. As we go out today try and make an impact on people you meet. 

- Bubblegum