Backblast #087. Bullwinkle’s Field of Screams

It was a pleasant January morning in the Gloom, and all PAX were ready and fairly warned of scream-inducing bricker.

AO- John Ball Zoo overflow parking field

6:57AM 2 Capri laps around the parking lot. YHC thought his leg was good to go this AM, yet sure enough in lap 1 started to experience significant pain in the left upper calf early on and knew he was in trouble. An old injury precludes said calf to injury, and running is a significant aggravation of it.

7AM – a brief rendition of the core principles “recited” to 15 PAX (SoftSpot, Little Brother, Kraut, Gravy, Roid Rage, Candy Striper, Bald Eagle, Snoop, Mad Cow, Basic Bro-welcome back!, Fresh Cream, Hasselhof) and modified with YHC’s athletic training background could help in the case of acute/chronic injury. The irony of his own injury not lost on that one.


Coupon foot taps. Count 10 IC
Lateral skaters with coupon double tap proved to be less than ideal given the unlevel nature of the ground – the coupon just rolled over. So on to the next
Shit-in-the-woods stretch with alternate overhead reach.
Lunge with overhead reach

The Thang

It being Dutch week with the coupons featured in all workouts, reminded YHC of his Calvin College days when a group of 15 of us would go to Friday’s and only order our $1 breadsticks and water, really pissing off a good number of wait staff over those years. The Dutch and poor starving students look at commerce the same way

SO, in honor of that wait staff YHC thought a payback was in order, with setting the field of screams as inefficiently as possible (much work, for little payoff). 9 cones were issued, and we would set 3 lines: baseline, one at 10 yards, and one at 100 yards for a total of 110 yards.

The PAX all assisted measuring out the field and laying out the cones with 110 walking lunges while holding coupon overhead. A brief 10 second rest was offered every 30 lunges or so.

YHC fell into a habit of using own verbal cues when leading a beatdown, and should have reviewed the proper lead-in cues of “next exercise ___________. Starting position MOVE….Exercise…” YHC promises to clean that up for next Q!

Field of Screams

The PAX was to perform 60 reps of prescribed exercises – merkins(IC), jump squats(IC), SSH (IC), and burpees (OYO), each followed by: coupon sprint to 100 yard line, bears and blocks to end line and back, and then coupon sprint back to base. The 60 rep sets were divided into doable/smaller sets of 10 or 15, separated by a 5-count of deep breaths (which is a neat trick to reset the cardiopulmonary system quicker!) Time ran out at the end leaving only enough time for 20 burpees. The PAX was to complete the remaining 40 burpees on their own this weekend

PAX circled up for 3 x 20 of Coupon Russian Twists. Final set was followed by 20 atomic situps

“ANY large and seemingly overwhelming task can be tackled by breaking it up into small manageable pieces. Before getting burned out, step back, take some deep breaths as you recommit, and dive back in!” – Sir Common Sense

Count – O- Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • FIA (Females in Action) is in the grass roots phase of starting up in GR. Calling for emails from those interested in order to petition. So let’s get our M’s involved!

  • Kraut is Q for purchasing f3 attire