BackBlast #088 – Turf & Turf

The weather was not ideal for any workout, but the PAX (GROUP – TEAM) stayed motivated, stayed strong, and definitely didn’t leave a man behind. YHC finally got an FNG to come from the land of the professional organization (aka – WORK)!

AO – Stairs on Division

Environment – Dark, coldish, ICE, and wet – 9 mph out of the SW | 31 degrees F

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 13 PAX] – @MAD COW @Forrest @Gravy @Kraut @Rehab @BasicBro @Snoop @Stalin @Fresh Cream @Radio @SPLITTER @Karaoke (FNG) @Roid Rage (QIC)

Lexicon of the day

WAR BABY The youngest man at an Event.

WAR DADDY The oldest man at an Event.


Capri Lap – 2X around parking lot, Sprinkler (15X – IC), Cherry Pickers (15X – IC), lunge with spinal twist (aka the world’s greatest stretch) – 30 second hold each leg, Ranger Merkins (10X – IC)

Mosey to stairs


Paula Abdul


Any set in which you take 2 flights up and then 1 flight back and continue to do so until you reach the top of the stairs. 1 Merkin, 2 Merkin, 3 Merkin at each flight you come back to.

PAX planked at top of stairs and did 10X – Ranger Merkins waiting for the rest of the PAX to join.

Captain Thor (top of stairs)


An ab exercise done in a 1:4 ratio. 1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers (Russian Twist). Try to get 10:40 before Merlot comes.

Mosey over to Coit park.

Belching (Coit park)


Pax lays flat on the ground in a line, Q says go. Everyone hops up similar to recovering from a burpee, and sprints 4-6 steps, then dives down flat on the ground remaining in line. Head across the field for exercises.

–        Squats (20X – IC)

–        Arm Circles (15X – IC) – Flapjack to reverse

Belch back to starting point!

–        Freddie Mercury (20X – IC)

–        Ranger Merkins (15X – IC)

–        Australian Snow Angel (20X – IC)


Dr. W (back at AO)


Yes – we did 15X – IC!


Four Quadrants of preparedness:

Q1/GET RIGHT: the pursuit of proper personal alignment

Q2/LIVE RIGHT: the dedication to Purposefulness

Q3/LEAD RIGHT: the practice of Virtuous Leadership

Q4/LEAVE RIGHT: the construction of Legacy

Check out the message here on groups from the Q-Source.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, name the FNG – Karaoke

Rage of Roids – OUT