BackBlast #080 – New Years Triple Threat

10 pax started the New Year right with a beat down that was co-q’ed by our Nantan – Bald Eagle, Weasel Shaker – Mad Cow, and 1FQ – Roid Rage. 

Pax: Bubblegum, Hasselhof, Radio, Forrest, Dungeon Master, Kraut, Stalin  QIC’s – Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Mad Cow

Tiny Tom and Forrest got a jump start on the workout by hitting the stairs up at the usual time of 0530. The remainder of the pax gathered at the Holiday start time of 0700. After being welcomed to 2019, the WARM-O-RAMA started with Mad Cow’s hallmark SSH’s. 


MC: 25 – SSH (IC) 
MC: 27 – SSH (IC)

BE: 10 – Side Shuffle Hops – R/Counterclockwise (IC)
BE: 10 – Side Shuffle Hops – L/Clockwise (IC)

BE: 20 – Hillbillies (IC)

RR: 10 – Absolution (IC)



Mosey to Mural by the Stairs

Dirty Hookups – IC – 20X


Bunny Hop up Stairs w/5 Pull-ups at each landing


Mosey toward Hospital Hill

  • Wheel of Merkins
  • Partner Carry
  • (Icy) Bear crawl across Bridge

Indian Plank on Brick Wall


Fire Drill

Mosey thru Spectrum garage toward Calder

Cake Cutting Circle Merk – 400 reps split among pax 


Roid Rage – American Hammers

Bald Eagle – Reverse LBC’s

Mad Cow – James Bond

Bald Eagle – Freddy Mercuries



– Bald Eagle asked what each pax’s “One Word” was for the year. Pax shared these around the circle. We’ll continue to dive into these, but unsurprisingly many of our words were around the idea of ‘focus,’ ‘being present,’ and avoiding the distractions (i.e. phones) that hold us back from our best lives.

– Forrest high on life & GNC went for another run to the zoo to ensure all AO’s were hit.

– Holiday party at 6pm Saturday @ Bald Eagle’s. RSVP coming on Slack. 


Strong Mumblechatter today as well! 

Bald Eagle out.