Backblast #94 Weather – Polar Vortex


January 26, 2019
AO: John Ball Park

Temperature 0   l  78% humidity l  2MPH wind

Core principles  and disclaimer  recited to 10 PAX

Mad Cow, Basic Bro, Fresh Cream, Forest, Kraut, Snoop, Roid Rage, DM, Less, QIC Soft Spot.

YHC was excited to take Q today and ready to get back to posting throughout the week. Wanted today to be a good challenge to start back up and finish the week. With the temperatures dropping from the polar vortex I saw a Weather themed post was appropriate. YHC is not a fan of bear crawls. What better exercies for the weather then crawling around in the snow like polar bears.


The PAX circled up with our coupons. 

31 SSH  for a little extra credit

Next we did a Capri lap to form the polar vortex and placed our 10 cones.

We circled up for our global warming session.

PAX started in Al Gore and shuffled to the right. After a few circles we stopped and performed curls with  a coupon.  Back to  Al Gore and shuffled left to the next stop, performed triceps extensions with the coupons.  Another Al Gore shuffle to the right. Next we performed 20 American sledgehammers. (American Hammers with a coupon). Last Al Gore shuffled back left to the last stop of 10 Cherry pickers with a back clap.  

The Thang

The Polar Vortex is similar to a bearmudea triangle. We would polar bear crawl (bears and blocks in the snow) to each cone. When we reached a cone we would perform a Blocky. The vortex was large and spaced out with 10 cones.

There was some mumble chatter from the PAX as YHC explained the venture we were able to take.

Due to the size of the polar vortex YHC gave a few recommendations for modification including walking lunges, walk the coupon between cones and just leaving the coupon all together to perform bear crawls and Burpee‘s.  
There was much more mumble chatter as the PAX went throughout the vortex. Many including YHC that needed to modify to make it through all 10 cones.  The placement of the cones were at random and some of the sections brought more challenge. Many of the PAX finished and started a lap as the 6 worked to hit the last cone . The PAX gathered at the last cone to finish the last set of blockies. After we completed the vortex the PAX circled up for some core work. 


There was enough time left to finish off the weather themed beat down with a hurricane hoedown. YHC did a quick demonstration starting with hands raised in Hallelujah and a 4 count flutter kick, immediately going to a reclined position and more flutter kicks, finally finishing up with going back to regular flutter kicks.  In my explanation YHC forgot that LBCs were part of the last set.

The PAX completed the latter of Hurricane Hoedown just in time.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


Bald Eagle set up a ski trip on Feb 10 at Cannonsburg

Kraut is going to launch a Mudgear order – Watch for that

Basic Bro brought up HDHH and a ruck to the ball park in February. Stay tuned for more details as plans develop

That’s a wrap – Soft Spot