Backblast #098 – Stir Crazy Shuffle

The coldest week in decades has caused all sorts of disruption – school closings, canceled flights, and businesses closing early or altogether for the week. One thing that has remained constant – the men of F3 have continued to hold the torch without missing a beat.

Temperature: -5 degrees F
Wind Chill: -21 degrees F

Pax: Gravy, Mad Cow, Kraut, QIC Bald Eagle. (DM was thwarted by the snow plow, many other pax smartsacked it)

The disclaimer was given ahead of time to not risk travel if conditions felt unsafe for any pax, and the burpee penalty for being tardy was suspended. Pax were given the pre-blast of where we would be so no pax would make a foolish decision on the roads in an attempt to avoid burpees.

Mad Cow was first to the AO, followed by YHC Bald Eagle, Gravy pulled in just after BE, and Kraut showed as we were just starting the Warm-o-rama. The weather was effing cold. The mission was to keep it simple and get right after it.


SSH – 20
Arm Circles – 15 / Flapjack
Finkle Swings – 15 / Flapjack
Slow Toe Touches – 3x for a slow 10 count

Mosey to Parking Garage

As the weather gets cold, brain function really does slow down, so YHC knew we needed to maintain as close to continuous motion as possible.


We started at the top of the parking deck. A certain exercise was given for each corner.
Corner 1 – Merkins
Corner 2 – Jump Lunges / SSH’s
Corner 3 – Big Boy Situps -> WW II Sit-ups | Cat/Cow
Corner 4 – Jump Squats

We started with 1 rep of merkins, then ran to do 2 jump lunges, and continued with an ascending number of each exercise until we reached the bottom of the 3-4 story parking deck. When we reached the bottom, we ducked into the staircase and did a sprint to the top of the indoor stairs and back down. The pax gathered again at the bottom and started to climb while continuing each prescribed exercise. I believe the pax reached approximately 20 reps before reaching the top of the deck again.

It was here where the pax saw a snow covered area on the ramp and wrote “F3” in the snow to tag our AO. The pax snagged a picture and then proceeded to run down the outside ramp (yes, there are multiple) all the way to the bottom, before climbing the indoor stairs once again. Continuous motion was a focus to keep the blood flowing.

Regardless of the constant motion, it was here where YHC could have used a merkin pelt – despite advice to protect one’s “fingers, toes, penis & nose,” the cold was having its way with one of these sensitive areas (despite being triple layered). This prompted a mosey back to the AO and an expeditious Circle of Trust.

Announcements were kept short & sweet. Prayers were for warmth & safety.

TRUTH NUGGET – Winter in the North brings clarity and forces us to focus on the essentials & important things in life. Think about these things. Also, keep it simple.

Stay warm & safe.

-Bald Eagle