Backblast #262


October 9, 2019

Calder Plaza, 0530, 48 degrees

Core Principles Recited

10 Cherry pickers w a back clap 10

10 Seal claps 10

10 Overhead claps 10

20 Arm rotations forward, 20 arm rotations backward

Stretch Left

Stretch Right

QIC attempted to lead a 4 count breathing exercise. PAX followed bravely, while breathing.

The THANG: Running with pain stations

Rosa Parks:

30 Dips/ 30 incline merkins

20 dips / 20 incline merkins

10 dips /10 incline merkins

Crescent Park: Crab walk down stairs

Ran down, crossed blue bridge

Performed 20 Merkins and said good morning to Gerry and Betty

Returned to AO

QIC Repeated the 4 count breathing exercise with helpful input from Basic Bro.

Ended with circle of trust and each PAX naming one gratitude 

Basic Bro, Forrest, Dapends, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Gravy