BackBlast #266 – GRCC Track Card Attack


GRCC Track Card Attack

October 17, 2019

AO: GRCC Track

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 10 PAX

Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Basic Bro, Creatine, Steamroller, Hank the Tank, Less, Hasselhoff, Snoop (QIC)


Mosey to the first set of cones on the track that will be used for the thang.
Tappy Taps X10
Flutter Kicks X15
Merkins X15
Mosey to the second set of cones on the track. They were basically opposite of the second cones, directly horizontal to the first cones (Half Track Distance)
Squats X15
LBCs X15

The Thang
The goal was to make it through the entire deck of cards before the workout ended, else there would be a penalty at the end. Each suit represented an exercise. Squats, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, and Merkins. The number on the card represented the number of reps for that exercise.
Face Cards: 20 Reps
6-10: Number on Card
2-5: All of these cards had +10 written on them, meaning 12-15 reps. 

The one outlier was the Ace. When the Ace was drawn, the PAX were to sprint across the field to the opposite cones and YHC would lead the group in some man-makers. 

Structure: YHC would start by drawing a card, calling the cadence for that exercise, then each PAX got the chance to draw a card, call cadence, until we made it around the circle (Unless an Ace was drawn). Once around once, the group would move out to the next set of cones around the track. Rinse and Repeat with the goal of completing the deck. 

For anybody counting, the plan was to complete 174 reps of merkins, 174 reps of 4 count LBC, 174 Reps of 4 count flutter kicks, and 174 reps of 4 count squats. 

We didn’t finish the deck….But I think I may have tasked the team with a very difficult, if not impossible task with the allotted time we had. Even so, I promised a penalty, and I’m a man of my word. 

I had Mad Cow count the number of cards we didn’t complete. 18. 18/2 = 9  I instructed to the PAX to hold people’s chair on the retaining wall, as we went down the line PAX by PAX to complete 9 burpees each. In all, it was about 5 minutes of people’s chair with your allotment of burpees on your turn. 

30 SecondsoM
American Hammers IC X20



Leaders Message:
Stop ruminating in the past.

Smart and generally happy people experience greater success because they are good gatekeepers of what they allow into their minds, including unwanted thoughts from previous life events.

We’ve all experienced failure, pain and tragedy. But if you’re still obsessing today (or a week from now) over a bad decision or something that went terribly wrong, you’re choosing the wrong mental path.

The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.

Accept that failures and setbacks are part of the learning process of life. Heal and recover from those moments, learn from them, remember the lessons, put it in the past and move on. That’s what emotionally-healthy and successful people do, and now you can too.

Drop It Like It’s Hot