Backblast #267 Race Week


Wednesday 10/16/2019

AO Calder Plaza

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 5 Pax.

Depends, Mad Cow, Forrest, Hasselhoff, QIC Soft Spot

This is YHC race week – 4 days to the Marathon. So we kind of went with an 26 inspired workout.

26 SSH
26 Mountian Climbers

The Thang

Mosey for our run. Route was completely random.
We stopped at Rosa Parks circle. They have a small hill and was a good spot for a quick beat.
We bear crawled up and over the hill then crawl bear back to our starting point.
Then continued on our run.

After a loop around we came back to the hill for some more bear crawls. But we added Merkins on each side. We crawled over and did 26 Derkins. Then crawled back and finished with 26 incline Merkins.

We continued back to the AO and finished up with Mary.

26 Big Boy sit-ups
26 American Hammers
26 LBC
26 flutter kicks

Then stretched 10 count LRC and hamstrings.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


November 14 is the diaper party.

Grand Rapids Marathon is on Sunday. Good luck to the runners and the F3 Grand Rapids relay Team.