Backblast #255 – The one with 2 parking ramps and bear crawls on a roof

Its #5KWednesday. Let’s F’ing Go.

Pre-Blast Via Slack (10/1/19):

Calder Plaza on Wednesdays is the spot to be. Its going to be almost 70 degrees and raining…Seems like a workout to remember – is in the making! Don’t experience the ‘FEAR OF MISSING OUT’. No coupons, just your balls. HC is the thread below. Please and thank you.

AO – Calder Plaza | 67 degrees | 98% humidity
It was supposed to be raining, but instead, we sweat!

[0530 – Core Principles recited to 9 Pax] – Forrest, Snoop, Kraut, Radio, Bullwinkle, Dapends, Bald Eagle, Hasselhoff, MAD COW (QIC).

This reminder would’ve been a lot cooler if it was raining…

To take on the flux of life, you will need to practice performing in conditions beyond your control…The Nation’s Third #CorePrinciple…Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold.


Various Stretching
10 SSH (IC)
10 Merkins (IC)
10 Mountain Climbers (IC)

The Thang:

Since it was supposed to be raining, I decided to plan a workout around parking ramps. The original plan was to hit 4 ramps located all over downtown Grand Rapids. As you will read, after the first one…a new plan emerged.

Parking Ramp #1

Mosey to first parking ramp, run up and down the entire ramp. While waiting for the six, begin lunge, lunge, squats until all have finished.

20 Wheel of Merkins (IC)

Note – this parking ramp went up to level Z (not really but it was like level J or K, very tall). This was going to take a little longer than planned. As described by Radio, another benefit of running up the parking ramp was the mental challenge of not knowing when the damn ramps would end.

Parking Ramp #2

Mosey to the second parking ramp, run up four levels (8 total sections). At the first landing, 5 merkins…at the second landing 5 BBS…continue up four levels and then back down. While waiting for the six, begin lunge, lunge, squats until all have finished.

Note – YHC got a little smarter with limiting the number of levels as to not spend too much time in this ramp.

Rosa Parks Circle

Mosey to Rosa Parks Circle. Wood TV is not broadcasting from this location this morning – bummer! Either way, time for 20 (4-count) dips. At Rosa Parks Circle, there is a half house built for the ArtPrize Project 1…its literally a house. Bald Eagle suggests we bear crawl up the roof, then crawl bear down the other side. DONE. Next exercise – bear crawls up a roof. Last exercise, incline merkins 10 on a 4-count.


As we moseyed back to the AO, we stopped at two corners for 10 squats or 20 total.


10 Flutter Kicks (IC)
10 Rosalita’s (IC)
10 LBC’s (IC)

Still had 1 minute to spare 😉

In total, we ran about 3 miles (the majority was UPHILL) and did a ton of exercises. It was a good #5KWednesday.


When you talk, you only repeat what you already know. If you listen, you may learn something. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Never let your failures get to your heart and never let your success get to your head

Accept your past without regrets. Handle your present with confidence. Face your future without fear. It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret. And most importantly:

Just because you can’t see the air doesn’t mean you stop breathing. And just because you can’t see your God doesn’t mean you stop believing.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Hump Day Happy Hour tonight 6-8 PM at Founders

  • Hasselhoff on Q tomorrow (Thursday), bring a coupon

  • October 12 is the race with Kalamazoo – 34 miles – looking for at least 10 guys

As always, its a pleasure,