Backblast #256 – No Spectators

With our 3rd burst of fall coming tomorrow, the pax gathered on an ideal 70 degree morning in the gloom. Coming off from GrowRuck 16, YHC wanted to concept a workout that included some ideas from that event for pax unable to post in Naperville.

Pax: Mad Cow, Kraut, Snoop, Forrest, Roid Rage, Radio, Rehab, Steamroller, DM, Dapends, Hasselhof, QIC Bald Eagle.


SSH – 20x
Imperial Walkers – 10x
Burpees – 5x
Silent Merkins, uh, I mean Silent SSH (stop at 10 together or 10 burpees).
10 Penalty Burpees

The Thang –

YHC asked for 3 volunteers to lead groups of 4 men. After 10x merkins & squats, the leaders needed to get their pax to carry them to the stairs, and climb them. Group 1 had to go over each bar at the landing, Group 2 had to go under each bar, and Group 3 just had a straight climb.

The pax then bear crawled to the yield sign where new leaders took over. These leaders were chosen by the previous leaders, and were now the only pax who could talk. They led their group, while running in formation, to the park where they completed burpees, squats, or merkins at each corner in alternating fashion.

After each group did each exercise 2x, they ran back to the top of the stairs where the three group leaders led us in 3 Mary exercises. The pax then descended to the stairs, and climbed them while hopping over each landing rail.

The time then was 6:07, and the pax were instructed to descend as quickly as possible and climb as high as they could until 6:10. A few pax made it back to the top, while others only ascended mid-way before the instruction to return to the AO was given.

At the AO the pax then completed a Circlemerk to 100 before the CoT.