Backblast #273: Ghost Coupons

 AO: Stairs on Division

0530, Rainy, 45 degrees

Disclaimer given to 4 PAX: Sex Panther, Roid Rage, Rehab, Gravy

Warm o rama 

Mosey one lap, 

Shoulder taps x 15 IC, then proceed to the top of the stairs

Standing knee taps X 15 IC

The Thang:

Ghost Coupon brigade

20 Invisible Coupons were piled at the top of the stairs, with pax spread out down the steps. Pax at the top moved down the stairs to the second pax and handed off the first Ghost Coupon, then moved back to the top to obtain the second Ghost Coupon. This movement continued dynamically between all the pax, until 20 Ghost Coupons had been transferred to the bottom of the stairs, at which point all pax moved to the bottom.

30 Merkins OYR

10 Burpees together

Process was repeated in reverse, until all 20 Ghost Coupons had been transferred to the top of the stairs, and all PAX proceeded to the top of the stairs.

Warm down:

Leg stretches

Cherry pickers w/ back clap x 10

Ended with three exercises, holding Ghost Coupons

100 squats

100 overhead presses

100 curls

Ended w a circle of trust, all PAX were encouraged to be intentional and approach the day with a default mindset of laughter and delight.