Backblast #284 – Tour de Zoo

YHC showed up to find a pax from Toledo, Van Gogh, eager to get after it with the pax from F3GR. The weather has turned – 29 degrees, but no fresh snow had fallen.

Pax: Roid Rage, BasicBro, Mad Cow, Stalin, Steamroller, Little Brother, Less, VanGogh (Toledo), FNG Borland, FNG Honeymoon, Creatine, QIC Bald Eagle


Mosey Lap
20 SSH
Motivators from 5
3 Lines – 40 Yards of Hip Stretch Step-over walks followed by 40 yards back of Drunken Lunges.

The Thang:

Started with an Indian run in groups of 4 to the hill. 5 Merkins first time at the back, then 5 Squats, and back to 5 Merkins.

At the hill the pax lined up in plank position next to each other with 1 body width between them. The pax were instructed to run with high knees through the pax until all pax had completed that exercise 1x. As a pax passed overtop of them a merkin was required of the planking pax.

The pax then stayed in plank position and bunny hopped over each other as we continued our creative journey up the hill. The pax bear crawled left 20 yards up, before flapjacking and bear crawling right 20 yards up.

The pax were then about 40 yards from the speed limit sign, so rotating in groups of 3 we completed 5 sprints each.

The pax then crawl beared for 50 or so yards to the stump on the side of the hill, before doing leap frog sprints to the top of the hill. Leap frog sprints happened in groups of 3 – first pax ran 20 yards and stopped, second pax ran 20 yards past him, third pax 20 yards past the second pax, then the first pax ran 20 yards past the 3rd pax, and so on until reaching the top of the hill.

The next evolution was the parking lot relay using the parking lot lines at the top, where one pax ran to the first parking stripe, did 10 merkins, the second pax ran to the second line for his 10 merkins, the first pax then returned to the start which triggered the 3rd pax to run to the 3rd line for his merkins. This rhythm continued for approx. 12 parking lines.

The pax then moseyed to the shelter where they completed one legged squats while a partner counted and confirmed proper form. Then 10 OYO derkins at varying heights were completed.

From there, the pax climbed straight down the hill through the woods. A bit sketchy steep, but all pax made it.

YHC had found a 12’ 6×6 being used for construction near the AO, so the pax broke into 2 groups and completed 10x weighted sit-ups prior to the CoT.


After a couple weeks of being on the road, YHC mentioned the idea of home as a place where we belong, and F3 is that for many of us. I encouraged pax to think about the type of ‘home’ we want to create for our community and take steps toward doing that.