Backblast #291 – Immersive Q School

With an influx of FNG’s of late, an underpopulated Q sign-up sheet, and a smattering of HC no-shows/last minute Outs, YHC chose to get back to basics with a Q-School Q to return to the core principles of F3.

Pax: Kraut, BasicBro, Hasselhof, Crosswalk, Forrest, QIC Bald Eagle

The original workout planned was geared toward the 12 HC/SC’s, but the number that posted was half of that so YHC had to adjust the plan slightly. The pax started on time with a Capri Lap, named for a pax who showed up late to workouts.


YHC had a glow-in-the-dark frisbee that functioned as our conch for the day. Between the warm-o-rama exercises the pax would state a core principle of F3.

20 Hillbillies IC
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Carolina Dry Docks


As F3 is primarily about leadership development, YHC cooked up a challenge for the pax: Get all coupons around the track in as little time as possible, with the added caveat that each pax had to move each coupon at least 10 yards. All pax were muted except for the most recent pax to join, Crosswalk, who was tasked for giving us the plan for achieving the objective.

The first lap around took 3:15 seconds. After a brief debrief, YHC gave Crosswalk 1:00 to develop and communicate a plan that would have 30 seconds off from the trip around. He communicated his plan much more quickly and directly during this evolution, and would have made the time hack had we not stopped a few feet short of the start/finish line. We were accountable and paid our 1 full lap penalty, but T-claps to Crosswalk for stepping up and leading.

The next evolution brought us to the wall where we held leading planks while the trailing pax bear crawled through the tunnel. We repeated this for 70 yards or so and during the crawls YHC asked questions about F3 terminology – such as ‘what is a jester?’ ‘What is the mission of F3?’ ‘What was the long form of Q initially?’ ‘Which F3 Royalty member’s birthday was this week?’ And why do they not advise anyone to google what a Merkin is (to which Forrest had an impressively detailed answer). The penalties for incorrect answers ranged from 2-5 burpees depending on how close the answer was to the standard.

For the last two cycles, we flipped the planks around and had our feet elevated and hands on the ground – which added some difficulty.

We then completed a mosey lap where we continued to ask questions central to F3 – such as ‘Why do we name pax?’ ‘How did you get your name?’ ‘Why is cadence counting important?’ And so on…

From there we went to the non-snow covered field, and circled up for the remaining exercises. We cycled through 6 exercises which each lasted as long as it took one of the pax to run 80 yards to the opposite goal post and back. The exercises were: The Overhead Coupon Press, The Squat, The Merkin, The Plank, The Freddy Mercury, and The Flutter Kick.

That brought us to the CoT.

  • Less has the Q Saturday.

  • December Q sign-ups will be coming soon.

  • Holiday party sign-ups are live on Slack.