BackBlast #293-A Workout Led by Everyone


Preblast via Slack 11/24/19

There will be a workout tomorrow morning at Johnson Park, and I have the Q.  We will move along and do some pain stations along the way.  No coupons required, and yes this is 2 consecutive Less workouts without a coupon.  Where are my HC’s?

AO-Johnson Park

37 degrees and fog

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 5 PAX.  BasicBro, Ralphie, Bald Eagle, Gravy, and Less (QIC)


-Standing toe touch 15 count

-Standing groin stretch to the left 10 count

-Standing groin stretch to the right 10 count

-Hurdlers stretch each leg 10 count

-Motivators 5 to 1

-15 mountain climbers in cadence

-10 slow merkins in cadence

The Thang

-The pax moved down the trail using different methods to move along the way. The methods included moseying, bear crawl, and crab walk.  Along the way the pax stopped periodically for pain stations.  Each pain station was picked and led by a different pax. The only criteria was that the pain station must consist of a minimum of 20 reps.  The pax made it most of the way to the other side of the lake at Millenium Park and then went pack to Johnson Park.

Pain Stations

-BasicBro-20 hand release merkins

-Gravy-25 squats

-Ralphie-20 Freddie Mercury’s in cadence

-Bald Eagle-His invention-Lay on back with both arms out to the side.  Raise one leg and then bring it all the way to the opposite side. Then bring the opposite arm over as well.  Then bring the arm back and the leg back up, and then bring the leg back to the ground.  Then do the opposite side.  20 of these in a 5 count cadence.  If you are curious, you will have to have Bald Eagle demonstrate this for you sometime.

-Less-20 Twizzlers in cadence

-Basic Bro-One group of two pax did 20 dips on the bench while the other 3 did LBC’s until the others were finished. The two groups then switched.

-Gravy-25 jump squats


-Less-20 American Hammers in cadence

-Ralphie-Chillcut Planks-Counted to 20 in cadence

-Bald Eagle-Merkin position and raise one arm to the sky then switch to the other arm-10 of these.  Then do the same thing but add in the leg raising as well-10 of these.


-Gravy has the Q tomorrow at the stairs. There will be a turkey involved.




More or Less,