Backblast #296 Turkey Day beat down


Good morning my fellow F3 studs! Lets not let the thought of turkey, football, and nap-time tomorrow defer us from our core principles. I have the Q at the Track and will be doing some pre-turkey trotting around the track with mostly upper body work since i know some will be doing the turkey trot which i have also committed to doing. So come start your day off right with me tomorrow morning from 6:15-7:15 at the track with a coupon. Can I get some HC’s?

AO: GRCC Track

33 degrees, dry and calm

Core Principiles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX: Less, Gravy, Kraut, Soft Spot, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Snoop, Nacho(Naperville), Radio, and Hank the Tank (QIC). *Note Dapends and Nacho showed up at 5:30 and did a workout on there own, and Nacho stayed and worked out again.


22 count side straddle hops, Shoulder stretch with right arm across body and them left arm for 10 second count each, Tricep stretch for 10 second count each arm.

The Thang:

Counted off into 2’s and split off into teams (Native Americans and Pilgrims). Started off with each group running around the track with football and playing catch along the way. If ball was dropped, penalty was 10 burpees.

Each group then split off with each person doing 100 curls with Coupon, 100 push-ups, and 50 abs of there choice. After completion each group then ran another lap around the track with the football playing catch with same rules as before with penalty burpees as a team if ball was dropped. Teams could not start there jog until all team members were done with there exercises. If you were done early you were to help your teammates complete the rest of there reps.

After getting back to from trot around the track each person on the teams then did 100 shoulder presses, 100 Tricep dips or tricep merkins, and 50 abs of your choice. Once everyone on the team completed all their reps the teams then jogged around the track 1 more lap playing catch with the football with burpee penalties if dropped. First team that got back had to do side straddle hops until other team arrived.


Both the native american and pilgrim teams then joined together in a feast of a workout. First was 15 tricep merkins combined with shoulder taps in cadence. Then 10 curls combined with with a shoulder press using coupon in cadence.

Finished off by having the teams play a friendly game of 1 hand touch football against each other with 4 downs to score. The out come of each play would result in either a side straddle hop or a burpee depending on which team was successful (Ex. Incomplete pass for offense resulted in burpee, defense did side straddle hop for not allowing a catch).

Quotes Recieded



Happy Turkey Day, Hank the Tank