Backblast #279 – ROP October Ruck


Sunday Night Coed Ruck

October 27, 2019

Mad Cow, Kraut, Hasselhoff, Forest, Snoop (QIC)

The Thang

YHC threw out a special ruck to the F3GR crew outside of the standard bi-monthly coed rucks. October was coming to an end, and wanted to fit Rucks On Parade’s October Monthly challenge in. Anybody completing the ruck would earn the monthly patch. 

We rucked one mile to start then performed the following exercises: 

5 sets of the following exercises. Start at 50 reps and reduce count by 10 after each set. Total 150 per exercise (i.e. 50…40…30…20…10) – 750 total reps:
High Pulls

Kraut had us ruck 1 mile to a destination that he knew had some old railroad ties lying around. Luck would have it that we would get to ruck one of those rail road ties back to the starting point. 


Drop It Like It’s Hot