Backblast #281 – SPEED RUCK

With a traditionally low attendance at the #5KWednesday, YHC decided it was time to switch it up. I feel the need, the need for – a SPEED RUCK.

Pre-Blast Via Slack (11/5/19):

I have the Q tomorrow. I’m thinking…A SPEED RUCK. Strap on some weight (I’m @ 30#’s) and let’s #GETSOME

Don’t be that guy…DO IT

AO – Calder Plaza | 28 degrees | 89% humidity | SNOW

[0530 – Core Principles recited to 7 Pax] – Hank The Tank, Hasselhoff, Forrest, DM, Soft Spot, Creatine, MAD COW (QIC).


Various Stretching
25 SSH (IC)


The Thang

SPEED RUCK – Ruck at a fast pace for a block, then ‘shuffle’ at an even faster pace for a block. We would stop at various points along the 2.28 miles for pain in the form of: timed Al Gores, merkins, squats, dips, burpees, etc.

Finish the route with 1 minute of Al Gore followed by AYG ‘shuffle’ to the AO.


20 Flutter Kicks w/Ruck Above Head (IC)
20 LBC’s w/Ruck Above Head (IC)
20 Levers w/Ruck Above Head (IC)
20 Hand Release Merkins (IC)

Leaders Message

In times of lows, repeat the following mantra to yourself:

‘Feeling good. Looking good. Oughta be in Hollywood.’

Try it. It works.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Hasselhoff has the Q on Thursday

  • Whisky and Wisdom – Thursday night

My hooves. My hooves,