Backblast #304 – MAD COW & Snoop celebrate Bald Eagle’s B-Day

Bald Eagle phoned it in sick…asking for a replacement, Snoop and MAD COW decided it was time for a co-Q to honor our powerless leader.

DATE | Thursday, December 12, 2019
AO | Hospital Hill
BEATDOWN | 0530-0615
WEATHER | 19.1 Degrees | 87% Humidity | 3.7 MPH Wind | It was cold, but we’ve had worse
Q | Snoop & MAD COW
Pre-Blast | 12.11.19

In Bald Eagle’s sickness, SNOOP & MAD COW are taking on the Q responsibilities. We dedicate this workout to Bald Eagle’s birthday. HC in the thread below.

PAX: 8

Hasselhoff, Forest, Basic Bro, Steamroller, Less, Anastasia, Snoop (QIC) & MAD COW (QIC)

5 Core Principles: Are free of charge, Are open to all men, Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold, Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary, End with a Circle of Trust

F3 Bono’s (F3 ENC Crossbones) – Disclaimer: Welcome to F3 Nation. We are a free, peer-led workout, which means that even if you think I look like a stud, I am not a professional. I have no training nor certification. This will be difficult, and I recommend you get in your car and go home. Or you can modify as needed and watch out for your brothers beside you. We leave no man behind, and we leave no man where we found them. Aye?


Mosey Lap
Leg Stretches (MAD COW)
Overhead Claps / Seal claps (Snoop)
SSH (Snoop)
Global Warming w/Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, Burpees (MAD COW)


Mosey to Van Andel Stairs; run to the bottom

To honor Bald Eagle’s 37th birthday, we would complete 19 reps of each exercise at bottom of the stairs and then proceed up the stairs in a particular fashion (i.e. run, sprint, bear crawl). Once at the top, we would complete 18 reps of an exercise for a total of 37 reps. Run down the stairs to rinse and repeat.

Q – exercise | path up the stairs (i.e. run)

SNOOP – Squats | Run
MAD COW – Burpees | Wheelbarrow
SNOOP – LBCs 4-ct | Bear Crawl
MAD COW – Carolina Dry Docks | Sprint
SNOOP – Merkins | Lunges
MAD COW – BBS | Crab Walk

Running low on time, Snoop directed the group to start mosey’ing back to the AO. On the way, we stopped twice for:

SNOOP – Box Cutters
This was strategic. The plan was to smoke the PAX’s legs before taking on the Lyon street hill. Success was had.

Once at the bottom of the hill by the AO, MAD COW call for a (A)ll (Y)ou (G)ot – AYG – sprint to the finish.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Becoming a Person of Influence

The great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up.” When you make it a goal to continually learn and enlarge yourself, you become the kind of person who can never be “used up.” You’re always recharging your batteries and finding better ways to get things done. To determine whether you are still growing, ask yourself what you’re still looking forward to. If you can’t think of anything or you’re looking back instead of ahead, your growth may be at a standstill.


Dec. 21st Christmas Party at Bald Eagle’s – Chili Theme, $20 gift card to an eating establishment, Clothing Donation, Etc.

Basic Bro on Q for Saturday

Ball of Man (BOM)

Let us go throughout the day as sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable and able to teach others through our actions.

Happy 37th B-Day BALD EAGLE,

Snoop & MAD COW