Backblast #311 – Atari 2600

Preblast: Good morning gentlemen! I have the Q tomorrow at the zoo, and we are going retro.  How retro you ask; you will have to HC to find out!


P.S. coupon and/or heavy objects are required

AO – Zoo

30 degrees and cloudy

[0700 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 13 PAX] –Basic Bro, Bald Eagle, Anastasia, Gravy, Ralphie, Snoop, Little Brother, Less, Crosswalk, Hank the Tank, Dapends, Soft Spot,Hasselhoff (QIC)



Mosey lap around the AO

15 SSH (IC)

Light stretching

The Thang:

When YHC was a kid he had to share one Atari controller with his two friends, so we developed a system of one person playing, one getting snacks and the other watching.  We mimicked that today in the beat down.  In respect to the amazing 8 bit system that is the Atari 2600, we completed a three person Dora with 8 exercises.  One person did the exercise, one ran 50 yards and back and the third person waited in either Al Gore or plank position watching.  We did 200 reps of each exercise.

o   Merkins

o   Squats

o   Curls

o   Tri-cept Extensions

o   Calf raises

o   SSH

o   LBC

o   Back rows

We then completed five minutes of squat potato, where the PAX circled up with their backs facing the middle in an Al Gore position.  Every other PAX had a coupon and we passed the coupons around bucket brigade style, changing directions a few times throughout


15 – LBC


15 – WW2 sit-ups

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama


Today’s discussion was in reference to a Run the Jewels lyric “Hunting is no fun when your prey doesn’t move.”  Encouraging the PAX to be active and aggressive in goals seeking for yourself, avoiding the easy way out.


Party tonight at Bald Eagle’s Nest – bring chili, $25 experience gift and clothes for donation

We are arranging an F3 clothes order

The beaches are safe,