BackBlast #312-A Very Basic Workout


Preblast via Slack 12/22/19

I have the Q tomorrow morning at Johnson Park.  We will move down the trail with some pain stations along the way.  Coupons are not required.  Please HC below.

AO-Johnson Park

37 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 3 PAX.  BasicBro, Soft Spot, and Less (QIC)


-Standing toe touch 10 count.  Right over left 10 count.  Left over right 10 count

-20 Side straddle hops in cadence

-10 Mountain Climbers in cadence

-15 forward arm circles in cadence

-15 backward arm circles in cadence

-10 Slow merkins in cadence-3 count down and count 1 on up.

The Thang

Moseyed along the trail stopping to do merkins along the way.  Started at 10 merkins and added one merkin on each stop until we got up to 18 merkins and then worked our way back down to 10 merkins.  The last set of 10 merkins were done as slow merkins.


-20 American Hammers in cadence

-10 flutter kicks in cadence into a 10 second leg raise into 10 scissors in cadence

-30 second chillcut plank




More or Less,