BackBlast #314 – Partner Up.


Sunday Night Coed Ruck

December 1, 2019

Hasselhoff, Soft Spot, Kraut, Snoop (QIC)

The Thang

We started the workout with a 4.55 Mile Pre Ruck around Reeds Lake.


Evolution 1

Partner A starts, Partner B runs 25 yards down and back. SWITCH when B returns. Repeat until reps completed as a team for each round

50 Ruck Push Ups…slow and steady

50 Air Squats

50 Overhead Press

100 Flutter kicks 4 Count


Evolution 2

Partner A and B: Ruck Swing Walk (or KB Walk)

Hold ruck and swing like a KB…on the up swing take one step forward,

Go for 25 yards and back

Rinse and Repeat


Evolution 3

Partner A Bear Crawl 25 yards while Partner B OH Ruck Lunges beside A for 25 yards.

Switch and Repeat

Lock legs together (feet to feet) in Sit Up Position

Sit Ups passing ruck to each other 20

Rucks Overhead for 20 Crunches

Rucks Overhead for 50 Flutter Kicks 4 Count

Rinse and Repeat


Drop It Like It’s Hot