Backblast #315 – The Twelve Days of Christmas


30 Degrees and overcast

0530 – Core Principles recited to Bald Eagle, Forrest, Hank the Tank, Kraut, Snoop, Gravy, Anastasia.

Warm o rama – Mosey Lap

The Thang – 12 Days of Christmas

Pax began with 1 Burpee, proceeded up the stairs, and performed 2 Clerkins followed by 1 Burpee, then proceeded back down the stairs.

Pax performed 3 Cherry Pickers with a back clap, 2 Clerkins, and one Burpee, then proceeded back up the stairs.

The Q continued in this manner with the exercises as listed here in descending order. Each set of exercises was followed by a corresponding trip up or down the stairs, accompanied by a decreasing amount of mumble chatter as breathing became more labored:

·       12 Burpees OYO

·       11 Ranger Merkins OYO

·       10 Jump Squats IC

·       9 BBSs IC

·       8 LBCs IC

·       7 Bonnie Blairs OYO

·       6 Hand Release Merkins IC

·       5 SSHs IC

·       4 Squats IC

·       3 Cherry Pickers w Back Clap IC

·       2 Clerkins OYO

·       1 Burpee OYO


The Thang was completed at 0623, with every PAX graciously staying until the beatdown was completed.

 Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama, QIC wished the PAX Merry Christmas and went home on shaking legs.

Humbly Submitted. Gravy.