BackBlast #317 20+19, A Year in Review

DATE | Tuesday, December 31, 2019
AO | The Stairs
BEATDOWN | 0530-0615
WEATHER | 27°, 6-8” of snow, windy.
Q | Kraut

Pre-Blast | 12.30.19 I have the Q tomorrow at The Stairs. This is the last Beatdown of 2019.DO NOT MISS IT.

The world will tell you that the “New Year” is a good time for resolutions and for change. That is a lie. Today is a good time. Not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY. Set the alarm, get out of bed, and meet me in the Gloom.

DO NOT MISS IT.Where are my HCs‽

PAX: 8
Snoop, Anastasia, Crosswalk, Hasselhoff, Hank the Tank, Forrest, Boyardee (F3 Kansas City), Kraut (QIC)

5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt, and that you finish. Remember, the workout should be you vs you.          

WARM-o-RAMA (Offer demonstrations for everything we instruct.)

  1. SSH x20

  2. Imperial Walkers x19

  3. Cherry Pickers x20

  4. Overhead Claps x19


The Pax mosyed around Belknap Hill in a POAS workout. At each stop, YHC asked one Pax “Which of these things was more 2019″?” the response dictated our exercises. For most stops, there were different exercises depending on the choice. Choices are in bold below.

  1. Greta Thunberg or Baby Yoda -> 20 Squats + 19 Squats then mosey to top of stairs

  2. Jeffrey Epstsein or Kanye -> Suicides in the Cul-de-sac then mosey to Coit Park

  3. Avengers: Endgame or Game of Thrones Finale -> 20 Captain Thors + 19 Captain Thors then mosey to next corner of part

  4. Fyre Fest or Storming Area 51 -> 20 Monkey Humpers + 19 Monkey Humpers then mosey to next corner of park

  5. White Claws or The Impossible Burger -> 20 Every White Guy at a Rap Concert + 19 Every White Guy at a Rap Concert then mosey to next corner of park

  6. Billie Eilish or Lizzo -> 20 Werkins + 19 Werkins then mosey to Lookout Park

  7. College Admissions Scandal or Ok, Boomer -> 20 Burpees then mosey to the hill

  8. The Rise of Skywalker or Taylor Swift -> Mosey (more like ski) halfway down hill

  9. Milk Shake Sours or NE IPAs -> Bear Crawl up the hill then mosey back to AO

  10. The 10 Year Challenge or Old Town Road -> The last 19 Burpees that we owedt

Circle of Trust (CoT)

  • Count-O-Rama

  • Name-O-Rama

  • F3-specific Announcements

    • Forrest has the Q Wednesday at The Calder. Bring a Coupon

    • Hasselhoff hit 125 posts today, congratulations!

  • Ball of Man (BOM)

Kraut – Out