Backblast #301 – Drop the BOMBS


December 7, 2019

AO: The Zoo

Chilly, 26° Humidity 81%


Good Morning Gents. I have the Q tomorrow. It’s a double coupon special for Pearl Harbor. HC here to join me for dropping some BOMBs.

Optional – 4+ miles pre ruck at 5:45am!

Core Principles and disclaimer recited to 10 PAX

Forest, Dapends, Mad Cow, Less, Hank the Tank, Stalingrad, Ralphie, Anastasia, Basic Bro, QIC Soft Spot


-20 IC SSH

-10 IC Circle of Goodballs

-20sec Annie (Holding plank with one arm and the other circles)

-10 IC Copper head Al Gore (3 count squat with a 7 sec hold)

Mosey Lap around the cones.

The Thang

Roll the Dice Coupon BOMBS

The AO has 6 cones. A center cone and 5 more laid out like a Star.

The center cone had a workout dice with exercises. Each cone on the outside stood for an Exercise. As partners one completes an exercise while the other runs to the center cone and rolls the dice. That partner performs 10reps before they return to their partner.

Cumulative at each station

-50 Blockies (Burpee with a coupon)

-100 Overhead lunges (count one leg)

-150 Merkins (use a coupon to change it up)

-200 Big Boy Blocks (sit-ups with a coupon)

-250 squats with a coupon. (Hold the coupon)

The team that finished first started to lead the partners in the center with various exercises.

We had one group left so we finished the blockies tighter.

The bell started to toll and we circled up for some Mary.

1 set of 7 Hurricane Hoedown

10 IC Americans Hammers

James Bond

That’s a wrap.


Christmas Party on the 21st. Stay tuned for full details.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


Soft Spot.