Backblast #105 – Hold on Loosely


The forecast was miserable, but the PAX came in strong for pull and grip strength day.

AO – Stairs on Division

26 Degrees, Ice chunks blasting from the sky 

0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 11 PAX – Bald Eagle, Dapends, Radio, Snoop, Basic Bro, Fresh Cream, Tiny Tom, Forrest, Gravy, Mad Cow, and Kraut (QIC).


2 Capri Laps around the snow covered parking lot


10 Cheery Pickers w/ Back Clap IC


The Thang

YHC agrees with OBT and Dredd that “Most of us face no existential threat more dangerous than choking on a chicken wing.  As a result, any man who wants to be a modern day warrior has to deliberately search for the hard things in life (if he wants to [have fun]) or everything he does will be easy (and thus work).”  To that end, YHC signed up for something CSAUP – The 2019 Spartan Race Ultra Beast Ohio, which is four months out.  With this week being the first week of race training, I thought it would be appropriate to share my sufferings with my F3 brothers.  IT’S GRIP/PULL DAY!

Set 1:

10 Dual Arm Swings with Coupon IC

10 Bent Over Row with Coupon IC

100m Farmer’s Carry with Coupon

Rinse and Repeat 4X total


Set 2:

Mosey to the Stairs on Division

Had to modify hear due to weather conditions – all PAX went to a landing on the stairs and got on their six under the railing

10 Horizontal Pull Ups IC

10 Horizontal Chin Ups IC

Rinse and Repeat 2X total

Mosey to Park

10 Reverse Lunges IC

Mosey to Stairs

30 Sec Horizontal Dead Hang

30 Sec Horizontal Dead Hang

15 Sec Horizontal Dead Hang

(Much mumblechatter was heard about this)


Set 3:

Mosey back to AO

10 High Pulls with Coupon IC

10 Deadlifts with Coupon IC

25m Bear Crawl with Coupon

Rinse and Repeat 3X – coupons were left out of the bear crawl for rounds 2 and 3


Set 4:




Announcements: Still a lot of Q openings in February, please look and see what you can fill.  Dapends is back and feeling better.






Kraut – Out.