Backblast #107 – Sharing the LOVE on V-Day

Being Valentine’s Day, pax were asked what exercises they LOVED (or hated)  as they HC’d, and YHC definitely was taking notes.

Pax: Mad Cow, Kraut, Miss Daisy, Forrest, BasicBro, Radio, Hasselhof, Fresh Cream, QIC Bald Eagle


20 SSH
 Stretches – Hamstring stretches & trunk twists

.75 Mile run downhill to the Bunker


After entering the Bunker, the pax shed some layers to adjust to the balmy temps.

First exercised was Reverse Al Gore Squats – the pax linked arms with backs against round column squatted, held, and stood back up. 5x

15x Merkins (per Hasselhof)
Reverse Lunges Down Ramp to Floor 2
10x Pistol Squats each leg (per Kraut)
Reverse Lunges Down Ramp to Floor 1
15x Dirty Hook-ups (per Mad Cow)

20x Freddie Mercuries (per Fresh Cream)
Bear Crawl to Floor 2
10x Burpees (per (absent) Snoop)
Bear Crawl to Floor 3
Merican Thunder (per Radio) 

BasicBro LOVES Dora type exercises, so we obliged (in a modified way) by starting at Floor 3 where 1 pax started with squats and the second pax started with LBC’s. The pax ran down the ramps to Floor 1 and ran up the stairs back to the start where they took over with the squats. The pax completed this circuit for 8 minutes.

Forrest LOVES penalty push-ups (what are those), so we finished with 15 merkins in cadence before running .75 miles back uphill to the AO starting point. 


– GrowRuck planning is underway for September in Chicago. 
 – Queen (diet) Challenge upcoming for March, stay tuned.
 – Need Q’s to sign up. Forrest, Radio & Fresh Cream said they would take next week.

– Bald Eagle out