Backblast #110 Culder City Burpee Festival

YHC Was leading a surprise burpee event to assist the Q in reaching a personal goal of 1000 Burpees!

Date 02/20/2019

AO- the Calder

26 degrees

0530 – core principles recited Disclaimer read given to 5 pax in attendance Basic Bro . Mad Cow . Miss Daisy . Hasslehof . and Forrest,


SSH- 30 (IC)

Simple stretches 10 seconds middle . left and right

Warm up lap around AO

The Thang

Colt 45s (IC)

Reverse snow angles balanced on the coupon

mosey again to stairs across the street, heading up and down stairs and then turning around and completing task in reverse,

Next we headed to Rosa Parks circle , in order to cross any street a price had to be paid.. burpees at ever street before being allowed to proceed, A total of 550 burpees were completed

Headed back to AO for some cool down exercises ,

SSH 25 (IC)

LBS 20(IC)

Colt 45s(IC)

Finished up with 10 blockees

Namo-Rama and Count-o-Rama

Prayers for Mad Cows wife