The Tower – out of hibernation


Thursday February 21, 2019

AO: GRCC Track

32° / 66% Humidity / 10mph WSW wind

It was an early morning gloom. YHC has not been able to post for a few weeks and decided to be Q to break back into routine.  After a long night from kids battling sleep YHC was almost late.  On arrival 4 PAX were waiting. Walking up right at 5:30, YHC recited the core principles and disclaimer to,

Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Fresh Cream, Radio, QIC Soft Spot

Warm – o – Rama

The PAX lined up along the sidewalk outside the track. There were areas of ice cover and, after a quick watch your step, we started. 

25 SSH

15 Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap

25 SSH

15 Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap

25 SSH

10 Mountain Climber

The Thang

We took a mosey over through the GRCC campus towards a parking garage. On the way we passed a clean walkway and lined up for 15 dirty hookups.  We continued our mosey across the bridge to the garage. We took the stairs down to the bottom. We lined up along the curb at the garage entrance from the commons. The plan is to perform an exercise bear crawl across the ramp and up the stairs to the next level for the next exercise.

Level 1

Wheel of Merkins (5 each)

Bear Crawl

Level 2

20 Russian Dips

Bear Crawl

At this point YHC decided to change to bunny hops up the stairs.

Level 3

15 Merkins

Bear Crawl

Level 4

15 Derkins

Bear Crawl

Level 5

15 Werkins

Bear Crawl

Level 6 (Top)

Bear Crawl to the outer lanes of the garage.

Lunge walk to the 3rd light pole.

Mosey across to the other side and Lunge walk to the 4th light pole.

Wheel of Merkins (5 each)

It was time to head back towards the AO. The PAX started a Mosey and crossed the street. Bunny Hop up the stairs and continued to mosey until we reached the parking garage next to the AO.  It was dry and a good spot for some core work.  We lined up for 10 dirty hook ups and then circled up.

15 Big Boy with WW2 sit ups

15 Flutter kicks

15 Peter Parkers


It was time head back and finish up at the AO.

25 SSH

15 Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap

25 SSH 

15 Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap

10 Mountain Climbers



Ruck Off on Sunday 6:30 pm

That’s a wrap   – Soft Spot.