Backblast #114 – in the depths below, the breaths flow

YHC returned from New Zealand safe and sound and was supposed to be the QIC on Tuesday, but thankfully Mad Cow and Kraut reached out and saved the day because YHC was a little behind. HOWEVER, this one brought me back to warmer days as I felt the sweat drip from all bodily regions, so the extra day to prepare was well worth it. I definitely felt beat down after this one.

AO – Calder Plaza (mainly underground)

Environment – stale cold parking garage

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 5 PAX] – @MAD COW @Bald Eagle @Snoop @Dapends @Roid Rage (QIC)


Capri lap around Calder Plaza – 1 X

SSH – 30X – IC

Mosey with coupons down all 3 levels of the parking garage, mosey back up with coupons, mosey back down to level 1 in the open space – set coupons aside.

Cherry Pickers with a back clap – 15X – IC

Ranger Merkins – 15X – IC


GRETA 1-2-3

Partner up with coupon – one partner runs ups all 3 floors and back down while other partner does exercise and then switch off at current count. Exercises are as follows:

Merkins – 100X – with one hand on coupon (alternate between left and right hand on coupon – puts more strain on the side that itsn’t on the coupon).

American Hammers – 150X with a coupon – (on a 4 count – really feel the burn because you are basically doing 450X if you just count side to side).

Alternating lunges – 150X with a coupon.


Blockees – 10X – OYO


Colt 45 (15X bottom to middle range curl, 15X middle to top range curl, 15X full range curl) – IC – wash, rinse, repeat

Overhead tricep extensions – 15X – OYO – wash, rinse, repeat


LBCs – 25X – IC


Treat the queen (your body) right. Check it out here from the Q- Source:


  • Mad Cow has provided codes to some PAX for discounts on Go Ruck gear

  • Mad Cow has the Q tomorrowwwwwwwww

  • March QIC sign ups are live