BackBlast #100 – AMRAP galore!

YHC was a little worried about the ice, but the parking lot stayed just warm enough so it was full guns ahead! The QIC is going to be gone for a few weeks in NZD so YHC decided to avoid any “pizza parties” with this one.

AO – Stairs on Division

Environment – 31 degrees F, wet pavement – no ice, wind was 15 mph out of the E.

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 11 PAX] – @MAD COW @Forrest @BasicBro @Bald Eagle @Rehab @FreshCream @Gravy @Stern (FNG) @Hasselhoff @TinyTom @Roid Rage (QIC)


That PAX who swears he can read the Q’s watch from up to 20 yards away. “This 7 minute AMRAP has to be over by now.” “Probably should head back for Mary to be safe.” “This has to be the last Mary exercise, I’m sure it’s 6:00 now.”


A superior circumstance achieved by Movement.


1 Capri lap, SSH – 30X (Wash, Rinse Repeat),Ranger Merkins (20X)


Over head squat/Burpee Jump

AMRAP – 10 minutes

15X Over Head Squats w/coupon

15X Burpees – face coupon, burpee, jump over coupon, burpee

Extra 5 burpees at the end

Parking lot laps w/ coupon curls

AMRAP – 15 minutes

Run a lap – 15X curls (Wash, Rinse, Repeat)

Angle Grinder


Starting in plank position angle your body up (pike position) while touching your hand to the opposite knee perform a merkin then touch the other knee and perform another merkin. This exercise is performed 8 count. 1. Touch knee 2. Return to plank 3. Down Merkin 4. Up Merkin 5. Touch opposite knee 6. Return To Plank 7. Down Merkin 8. Up Merkin – 10X

American Hammers w/ coupon


IC – 30X (15X wash, rinse, repeat)

Simple today

Maori Proverb: “ Be quick to follow up an advantage.”