BackBlast #102 – To The Bunker!

Wednesday- 29 degrees 98% humidity , ice

Core principles recited

Pax: Mad Cow, Tiny Tomato, Basic Bro, QIC Forrest

Q hid tire in the bushes prior to workout.

Warm up


20/cherry pickers /w back clap


25/ LBC

Q- determined it was smart to move rest of workout to parking garage due to icy conditions.

Walked carefully to the parking garage finding tire along the way

Did warm up lap around parking ramp

Split into 2 groups

Group A/ Did Tire flip , bunny hop to center then bunny hop out of tire , sprint across parking garage to wall . 15 Merlins sprint back

Group B/ 1- body builder, 5 burpees sprint to wall 15 LBCs sprint back

Flap jack

Rinse and repeat

Tiny Tomato went over proper lifting of the tire to help us all avoid injury;

Progress to get tire to wall was slow, so we Increased tire flips between exercises. And made it to the wall;

Count-o-rama / Name-o-rama

Forest discussed paying it forward without gratification.