Backblast #104 – Frigid Fingers, Smoked Shoulders

Winter has returned to the Mitten State. A week ago we had subzero temps and 20+ inches of snow – this melted early in the week as temps climbed from below zero to 50, but harsh winds yesterday brought back the frigid temperatures. The dashboard showed 5 degrees as YHC pulled into the AO.

Pax: Radio, Kraut, Snoop, Forrest, Miss Daisy, BasicBro, Less, Gravy, Hasselhof, QIC Bald Eagle. *Also had a FIFO FNG from the Running Club that meets after, left before he could be named.


Capri Lap
20x SSH
15 Windmills
15x Hillbillies
15x SSH
1:00 AMRAP Overhead Claps
11x Coupon Press & Hold
 :45 AMRAP Overhead Claps
10x Coupon Press & Hold
Arm Circles


The bone chilling temps altered the Q’s plan slightly (as mumblechatter commenced about fingers starting to turn purple), but nonetheless the pax got after it.

Groups of 3 –
1st Pax – Lunges under Ruck
2nd Pax – Farmer Carry
3rd Pax – Weighted Shoulder Raise

Rotate through each exercise every 20 yards.  The pax traveled 100 yards each way. Midway through, a SSH was had to get blood flowing back to the extremities.

The pax then partnered up. One partner ran around the parking lot ring (approx. 200 yards) while the other started a farmer carry. When the running pax caught up to the coupon carrying partner he took the coupons and the pax that had carried the coupons ran.

When the pax returned to the starting point, the partner who first did the farmer carry now assumed the Abyss Merkin position, while the other partner completed another lap around the parking lot. Flapjack after completing the lap.

The pax then split into a 4 corners (cake cutting) exercise. One group farmer carried coupons to the next group, that group bear crawled to the next corner, followed by a farmer carry, and a bear crawl. The distances didn’t make for a good flow, but the pax adapted and threw in merkins, squats, planks, and Al Gore holds to get a good workout in.

The pax then returned to where the workout started and completed 20 seconds of Superman’s while balancing on coupons. Well, all but Forrest who had fears of creating an explosive situation. The pax followed that up with a 5 & 10 Abyss Merkin Circle Merk. 


– Skiing/snowboarding/tubing tomorrow. Families invited. 

– GrowRuck has been confirmed in Chicago for September. 

– Coffeeteria after where we discussed the ‘Get Right’ Q source material. Solid discussion was had regarding what are stabilizing forces in our lives. Community & fitness rose to the top.

Bald Eagle out