Backblast #124-My GoRuck workout with a focus on shoulders (It may have been a little aggressive)


The plan was to workout on the field, but the time change made it impossible to see the cones set up for the workout and the terrain was rough with the ice and water.  So we modified and used the far parking lot.

AO-The Zoo

31 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 10 PAX.  Bald Eagle, Dapends, Radio, Basic Bro, Forrest, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Hasselhoff, Soft Spot, and Less


15 Rubber band toe stretches in cadence

15 second Squatting Groin Stretch

15 Willie Mays Hays in cadence

30 Side Straddle Hops in cadence

20 Merkins

The Thang

This was a series of mini workouts followed each time by an Indian Run around the entire parking lot.

Started off with an Indian Run

First Mini Workout-The pax carried the coupon above their heads on a fifty yard track going down and back until they couldn’t carry it any longer.  They then set the coupon down and did 7 burpees.  They did this until they made it down and back 7 times.  Down and back counted as 1.

The pax did an Indian Run

Second Mini Workout-The fifty yard track had cones set up for every quarter of the field.  The pax bear crawled a quarter track and then did 10 merkins.  They then bear crawled the next quarter track and did 9 merkins and so on until they were down to 1 merkin.  The pax then finished off by bear crawling the rest of the 50 yard track.  In total the pax bear crawled the length of the field 3 times.

The pax did an Indian Run

Third Mini Workout-The Pax did lunges down and back on the 50 yard track.

The pax did an Indian Run

Fourth Mini Workout-The pax did 6 barrel rolls into 5 merkins and then went the opposite way doing 6 more barrel rolls into five more merkins.  The pax went down and back 2 times.  A Barrel roll is starting in the plank position and rotating into the crab walk position then back into the plank position and so on

The pax did an Indian Run

Fifth Mini Workout-2 sets of 40 second leg lifts holding your feet six inches off the ground.  1 set of 50 American hammers.  1 set of 20 flutter kicks in cadence.

Finished with an Indian Run



Rucks on 1st and 3rd Sundays of Every Month 5:30PM to 7:30PM at Brewery Vivant

F3 Members coming from Charlotte, North Carolina in May in recognition of our one year anniversary

Prayers for Forrest as he faces personal struggles




More or Less,