Backblast #116 – Cow on Steroids

Here is an image of MAD COW ‘s dad. What F3 Grand Rapids aims for - testicles and all.

Here is an image of MAD COW ‘s dad. What F3 Grand Rapids aims for – testicles and all.

January seamlessly transitioned into February and now we are into the first Saturday of March and it feels like January again. We are in Winter’s last stretch and it was time for a good ol’ fashioned Co-Q with mad cows and rages of roids to keep the momentum going. Sometimes it feels good to let loose, freestyle a bit, and just sweat with that heart rate average at about ~120 BPM. This was one of those days.

Preblast via Slack 3/1/19

MAD COW and Roid Rage have the co-Q on Saturday. While @Kraut @Bald Eagle @Forrest @Bullwinkle (and I think @Snoop) will be getting their ruck on, we will still be doing our Saturday morning business. Who is a HC with YHCs?!

You will walk away feeling like a cow on steroids. Fact.

AO – The Zoo

Environment – 27 Degrees | 90% Humidity

[0700 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Hasselhoff, Soft Spot, Radio, Les, Dapends, Radio, Geppetto, Roid Rage & MAD COW (QIC) 


Various Stretching
25 SSH (IC)
25 SSH (IC)
10 Sprinkler (IC)
15 Merkins (IC)

The Thang

~3 mile run with fun activities mixed in.

Time to run!
20 LBC’s (IC)
Jump Squat with Al Gore (IC) – all ten rounds!
10 BBS w/WWII Sit-up (IC)
10 Ranger Merkins (IC)
10 Luge (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
Run up the Hidden Hill, stop halfway for
10 Mountain Merkins (IC)- Mt. Climbers (4 count) into Merkins (2) = 1 rep
Run up the rest of the Hill
10 Burpees (OYO)
15 Dips (IC) followed immediately by an additional 25 Dips (IC)
Run down the backside of the hill
20 Dirty Hook-ups (IC)
15 The exercise I saw on Twitter last night [i.e. Shoulders, Knees & Toes] (IC)
Bear Crawls

6 Minutes of Mary

25 LBC’s (IC)
James Bond
20 Freddie Mercury (IC)
Plank, Right Arm Up, Plank, Left Arm Up (IC) X3
Mosey to the Swing Set
15 Crunches w/feet on Swings; Partner in Plank (OYO) X2

Leaders Message

Macklemore’s – Glorious

I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave
And the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name
So when I leave here on this earth, did I take more than I gave?

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


– Q’s spots are open for March…April will be available soon. Sign up.
– Ruck tomorrow Sunday night 6:30 PM start at Brewery Vivant; Bring the M
– Wednesday night workout at Founders (17:30 – 18:15)
– Hasselhoff is interested in running on Wednesday morning (05:30-06:15)

MAD COW & Roid Rage