Backblast #131: Octagon of Pain


Date – 3/28/2019

AO – GRCC Track

Environment – 49 F

[0530] Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 9 PAX] – Gravy, Kraut, DM, Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Rehab, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Snoop (QIC)


Bat Wings – 30 Seconds each way
Every White Guy at a Rap Concert (Overhead Claps) – 30 Seconds
Motivators from 5…..100% didn’t count this correctly. Not a big deal as the PAX was going to get plenty of practice motivating themselves today.
Mountain Climbers X20
LBCs X30

Mosey Indian run around the track. The PAX in the back was to complete 1 burpee, then catch up to the group. We went around the track twice, in which everyone got two burpees in.

Motivators from 5 (Much better counting)

The ThangOctagon of Pain

YHC setup 8 cones in the shape of an Octagon, hence the name of the thang. The PAX received instructions that we would as a group make our way around the Octagon as many times as possible. To clear a cone, you would complete 8 Reps of an exercise, mosey to the middle of the Octagon and do Motivators (From 3) then mosey back to the cone and hold plank until all the PAX was ready to bear crawl to the next cone. Here were the exercises at each cone:

2-LBCs (4 Count)
3-Jump Squats
4-World War 2 Situps
5-Lunges (4 Count)
6-American Hammers (4-Count)
7-Outlaws (Make O’s with your feet together in flutter kick positon)
8- Burpees

YHC put on a slick 80’s themed playlist to pump up the PAX as we moved around to Octagon. During the Outlaws the second time around the Octagon, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) came on, which seemed very fitting for the exercise the PAX were doing. Gravy proclaimed that the PAX had to continue doing Outlaws until the song ended. No need for 6MoM after that.

The PAX made it around twice; then we ended at 6:15 with one last round of Motivators (From 8).

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama


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