Backblast #132 – Jagged Little Pills

After a week with weather climbing into the 60’s, the crisp 30 degree temps returned (during Spring Break week I might add). Despite the cold temps, multiple pax remained committed wearing shorts from here on out.

Pax: Kraut, Radio, Snoop, Hasselhof, Roid Rage, Gravy, Less, QIC Bald Eagle

With the Chicago GrowRuck coming up in the spring, YHC wanted to give the pax a taste of carrying heavy objects for extended periods of time. Toward that end pax were encouraged to bring rucks and coupons, and YHC added a log, Mr. T Chain, and box full of 23 old window weights (aka Jagged Little Pills, aka Blunts).



Rucks On:
Capri Lap
Stretches –
Arms behind head, flapjack.
Toe touches 
8 Count Motivators
Merkins – 10x
Groiners – 15x
Merkins – 10x
Mountain Climbers – 15x


Instructions for the Indian Ruck were given, and the pax moved out. Pax 1 & 2 carried the box filled with the JLP’s (approx. weight 70-80 lbs). Pax 3 carried the log, Pax 4-6 farmer carried 2 coupons each. Pax 7 carried the Mr. T chain, and Pax 8 only had his ruck as he ran to relieve Pax 1. The pax then rotated through each position until we arrived at the base of the hill.  If anything coupon touched the ground, a 5 burpee penalty would have ensued.

At the hill the pax planked while instructions for the next exercise were given. Pax 1 & 2 were to carry the box with the JLP’s & chain up the hill, and the remaining pax were to sprint 100 yards up the hill and return to the pax with the box and carry as many of the JLP’s back up to the 100 yard marker as they could. They then returned down the hill to finish with the pax with the empty wood crate. 

The next two pax grabbed the box at the 100 yard mark, and the exercise was repeated to the next 100 yard mark. This was repeated a total of 4x so all pax had a chance to carry the box.  At the top of the hill the pax set the coupons down and did 10 batwings forward, 10 batwings reverse, 10 overhead claps, and 10 seal claps to ensure the shoulders were properly smoked.

The pax returned down the hill with the same pattern – 2 pax carrying the box, the pax sprinting 100 yards, and returning relieve the box carriers by grabbing the JLP’s and running them to the 100 yard mark. This was repeated all the way down the hill. 

The pax then were given a time hack of 5 minutes to return to the shovel flags carrying all coupons in any manner desired. Rucks were stuffed with JLP’s, coupons and the log carried, and the pax moved swiftly to beat the time hack by 7 seconds. 

Rucks down. 


SSH – 15x
Dr. W – 10x


Truth Nuggets:

1. Use Lent as a time to check your desires. What are you wanting? Is it worth wanting? What will you do for that? Chase things that are worth wanting. 

2. The exercises were designed toward teamwork – the faster you sprinted, the quicker you were able to relieve the JLP carriers. Keep an eye out for how you can help others, and be willing to accept help when offered as well.