Backblast #142 – Double Helping of Paincakes

With some gaps in the Q sign-ups for April, including one for this workout, YHC and Mad Cow stepped up to deliver a double helping of paincakes to the pax. Even more, we planned it right in front of their computer-fatigued eyes and gave their phones so many Slack notifications that their cell phones must have felt like the slot machines our own BasicBro just tore up in Vegas. Despite seeing the looming pain plan, 13 pax posted.

Pax: Radio, Forrest, BasicBro, Stalin, Roid Rage, Snoop, Gravy, Kraut, Fresh Cream, Rehab, DM, QIC’s Mad Cow & YHC Bald Eagle.


(MC) Stretching – left, center, right (IC)
(BE) SSH – 25x (IC)
(MC) Mt. Climber w/Merkin (IC) – 20x
(BE) 5x SSH followed by 2x Burpee – 5x

The Thang

(MC) Alternative should taps to (BE) Dirty Hook-ups (IC) – 30x (BE & MC were each waiting on the other to wrap the exercise, so we offered the pax more value than anticipated)
(MC) Slow Squats (IC) – 10x
(BE) Moguls (IC) – 7x (counting of these is as exhausting as doing them)

Paula Abdul (2 pax at a time)
Run 2 landings up, 5 incline merkins on bar, run 1 landing back, 5 pull ups.
Run to stop sign when finished, plank til the 6 arrives.

Return to base of stairs, bunny hop each stair to top and sprint (on jello legs) to intersection. 


(MC) Howling Monkeys (IC) – 13x
(BE) Spider Crunches – 20x
(MC) Marionettes (OYO) – 10x
(BE) Boat Canoes – 13x


Good to see Stalin, DM, & BasicBro back in the saddle.
The 50 degree rain felt quite pleasant after the 3” mid-April (!!!) snow shower over the weekend.
Moguls are a challenge to count.
Co-Q’ing worked out well and could be used
Need more Q’s – let’s fill the schedule a month out.
Sign-up for the CSAUP Ruck on 4/27.
Anniversary party on 5/4 – beatdown in the am, Bald Eagle’s in the evening.

Bald Eagle Out