Backblast #143 – Let’s Run Those Horses

Its Wednesday morning – what do I have planned? RUNNING

Preblast via Slack 4/16/19

On April 17, 1964, The Ford Motor Company unveiled its new Mustang model at the New York World’s Fair. The Mustang was championed by Ford Division general manager Lee Iacocca, with a suggested retail price of $2,368. The car was a great success and sold over one million cars in its first 18 months.

Whether your horse is a Mustang or a Clydesdale all are welcome for the Wednesday morning run club. HC’s are now being accepted.

#SYITG #NoManLeftBehind #LetEmRun

AO – The Calder

Environment – 42 Degrees | 94% Humidity | Slightly Windy

[0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 8 PAX] – Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Soft Spot, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Radio, Popeye (F3 Raleigh) & MAD COW (QIC) 

The concentration of red = PAIN stations

The concentration of red = PAIN stations


Warm Up

Various Stretching
20 SSH (IC)
20 Merkins (IC)
20 Mt. Climbers (IC)
20 BBS (IC)

The Thang

It is the goal of YHC to get in 3 miles (5K) with some PAIN stations thrown into the mix. We would accomplish this goal. Here are the list of pain stations thrown into the 5K.


20 Derkins by the river (Lyon St)
10 Burpees at Rosa Parks Circle
Backward / forward run across the blue bridge
Run up stairs in the skywalk
Wheel of merkins behind the Arena
Incline merkins (spread ‘em) by the police station
Slow (4 count) dips off of Ionia Ave
False finish – Turn right up Commerce Ave for a trip up the ‘fancy’ stairs


10 BBS into a WW2
James Bond
20 LBC’s

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


– Last day to order a t-shirt for the CSAUP 12-mile ruck
– Ruck on Easter still moving forward – AO is Johnson Park. Bald Eagle’s deck is open for business shortly following
– Hasselhoff has the Q tomorrow at the GRCC track

Its a pleasure,