Backblast #144 – Good old fashion beat down


YHC had the Q in the gloom, so I was thinking of ways to give a good beat down to all the HC’ed.  I thought of doing a planned workout like a BOMBS, however thought I could make that much harder, and I did. 

AO – GRCC track

63 Degrees


[0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 12 PAX] – Dapends, Bald Eagle, Gravy, Rehab, Popeye (F3 NC), Little Brother, Fresh Cream, Basic Bro, Snoop, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Hasselhoff (QIC)



SSH 10

Light stretching

The Thang:

BARNS (like a BOMBS, but harder)

PAX partnered up.  One person completed exercises, while the other ran 75 yards and back

    • 50 Blockees

    • 100 Arm Curls w/coupon

    • 150 Rows (bent over back rows w/coupon)

    • 200 Nose crushers (tri-cep extension with coupon, standing or on your 6)

    • 250 SSH (2 count) while the partner farmer carried the coupons during the run

People’s chair for 30 seconds, followed by People’s deep chair (legs at 75 degree angle) for 30 seconds

Captain Thor

                BBS followed by American Hammers, with a 1:4 ratio.  We completed up to 7 BBS and 28 American Hammers.

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama



Roid Rage has the Q on Saturday.

Basic Bro is going to ruck to Logan’s Alley post beat down on Saturday

CSAUP in 4/27, people can donate money for admin costs of F3 GR


The beaches are safe,