Backblast #145 – no collusion here

SLACK pre-workout statement:

@channel – YHC is the QIC tomorrow morning. Please bring a coupon and your game face. Who are my hard commits?

AO – John Ball Zoo

Environment – 40F with a 14 mph wind out of the NE.

[0700 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 12 PAX] – Snoop, Miss Daisy, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, BasicBro, Kraut, Stalin, Hasselhoff, Soft Spot, Forrest, Rehab, and Roid Rage (QIC)


Concentric expansion method, by which a Region plants Nomads outside of its boundaries but within 100 miles


Wisdom gained through Failure, Adversity and Argument.


  1. Mosey lap – around the AO

  2. SSH – IC – 25X

  3. Newton’s Cradle – IC – 15X

  4. Cherry Pickers w/ back clap – IC – 15X

  5. Chumbaburpee – four parking spaces down and back – OYO

    1. OYO

    2. To the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawumba, start with SSH at beginning of song, then every time they say, “I get knocked down, but i get up again” you do a burpee. While not doing burpees, you are continuously doing SSH.

  6. Penalty Burpees (Soft Spot and Snoop) – OYO – 10X

  7. Mosey ruck (coupon) to base of hidden staircase


  1. Squat to press w/ coupon – IC – 15X

  2. Newton’s Cradle – IC – 15X

  3. Mosey ruck up stairs w/ coupon on left shoulder

  4. 30 second plank at top of stairs on top of coupon

  5. Goblet squat w/coupon – IC – 15X

  6. Mosey ruck down stairs w/ coupon on left shoulder

  7. Wonderbra – IC – 20X

    1. Each Pax should have a brick in each hand. Find a wall and assume the People’s Chair position. Start with bricks close to body at chest level. Push bricks up over head fully extending arms, bring bricks back down to chest position, then push them straight out in front until complete arm extension reached. Return to starting position. The Wonderbra can be executed in 3 count cadence or OYO. Repeat as many reps desired. In short, like the Wonderbra, push them up and push them out.

  8. Mosey ruck up stairs w/coupon on right shoulder

  9. 30 second plank at top of stairs with coupon

  10. Alternating hand merkins – OYO – 10X

  11. Mosey (no coupons) up and around restrooms and back into the parking lot (still at top of the hidden stairway)

  12. Mountain Merkins on the parking lot’s incline – IC – 10X

  13. Mosey over to picnic tables

  14. Dips – OYO – 15X/10X/5X – 10 incline merkins in between sets

  15. Squat to press w/coupon – IC – 15X

  16. Mosey ruck down stairs w/coupon on right shoulder

  17. Group coupon carry – TOGETHER – Circle up and share coupon with PAX to your right. Keep rotating in clockwise fashion all the way back to the AO.


Captain Therkin – Captain Thor modified with 5 merkins between each set. 1:4, 5x merkin, 2:8, 5x merkin, 3:12, 5x merkin, etc. We made it to 5:20 then we were saved by the bell!


A brief discussion on collision learning. YHC kept getting the word with collusion and therefore I fear the message might have been lost for a minute! Nonetheless, YHC discussed learning from collision early in the week and challenged the PAX to think about it in their own lives and to report back next Saturday. Aye!

Rages of Roid – OUT



  • @F3 Grand Rapids is now taking HC’s for the April 27th – Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless (CSAUP) 12 mile rucking event.As part of this event, the PAX are expected to post during the normal 4.27.19 Saturday workout and then the 12 miler will begin shortly following. The normal workout will ‘complement’ the 12-mile ruck.The event will be limited to the men of F3 Grand Rapids and will serve as a fundraiser to offset the minimal expenses that it takes to run this machine (i.e. website, URL, etc.). Also, the event is being designed as a training for the September Grow Ruck event in Chicago.To participate in the CSAUP event, registration costs are outlined as follows:$10 – Covers F3 Grand Rapids operational expenses – if you can’t afford it – please talk with @MAD COW or @Bald Eagle about registration.For an additional…$15 – Get a TRI-BLEND (nice quality) CSAUP event t-shirt.For those interested in purchasing a shirt, please HC with your size (i.e. HC / Large) in the comments below by 4.17.19.