Backblast #146 Earth Day Celebratory Beatdown



To commemorate Earth-day which was just the day prior YHC decided that the PAX had grown distant from the celestial body we call home. We reconnected the best way we knew how … a beatdown full of gettin’ down.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
ENVIRONMENT – 58F winds out of the west, rainy
AO – the Stairs

[0530 – Disclaimer given to 13 PAX (Rehab rolled in mid-capri lap)] – Tiny Tomato, Basic Bro, Rehab, Bald Eagle, Fresh Cream, Little Brother, Kraut, RoidRage, Soft Spot, Snoop, Radio, Mad Cow, Dapends (QIC)

25 SSH
20 Arm Circles – Flapjack
10 Abe Vagodas
10 Cherry Pickers w/ a Back Clap
25 SSH
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Burpies
25 SSH

YHC set up 3 cones down the AO. Cone one 30 yards, cone two 15 yards, cone three 15 yards (rough estimate of distance).

  • Lunge to cone one – 5 burpies

  • Bear Crawl to cone two – 5 burpies

  • Dragon Walk to cone three – 5 burpies

  • Rewind back to starting point (again 5 burpies at each cone)

Mosey to the top of the Stairs where YHC informed the PAX that sometimes you need to get down to get up. PAXs paired up and would mosey back downstairs stopping at each landing (6 total) to complete an exercise. Watch the person in front of you and keep pace. Plank at the bottom. Back up to the top of the Stairs.

  • Run one – 5 squats / landing

  • Run two –5 SSH

  • Run three – 5 count Al Gores

  • Run Four – Smurf Jacks

Ran out of time for MARY


Reminded the packs to love your mother earth, love yourself, and stay grounded.


Reply on SLACK if you’ll be able to attend the 1 year anniversary Q, Saturday May 4th. Also on Wednesday we will be running a join 6k with the November Project following a shortened workout at Calder Plaza.