Backblast #147 – Stars & Sunrise 6k

Our Wednesday workouts typically focus a bit more on running, so when YHC noticed that the other free rogue morning workout group in town, The November Project, had a Sunrise 6k event scheduled it seemed only right that we should both support their efforts and open a channel for potential FNG’s who want to work out more than 1 morning per week.

Pax: Kraut, Hasselhof, BasicBro, Soft Spot, Little Brother, QIC Bald Eagle


SSH – 20 IC
Willy Mays Hayes
Finkleswings – 15x R/20x L
Shoulder Smokers (Batwings, Flapjack, Overhead Claps, Seal Claps) – 10x each


Knowing we needed to trim the workout to 30 mins before the 6k started, YHC moved right into The Thang. The pax were given instructions to arrange themselves in a 5 pointed star, with one point having 2 pax. One of those 2 pax would sprint to the point where the 2nd person to their left was standing, tag that person, and he would then sprint to the point of the 2nd person to his left creating perpetual motion.

The initial plan was to do 5 exercises with the change in exercise happening at each tag out, but we’re either way too fast or the distances were too close, so we modified to switch when the whole pax had completed a rotation.

AMRAP Exercises:

Knee Slappers
Alternating Shoulder Taps


The pax then moseyed to the heated concrete staircase, paired up, and one pax did AMRAP burpees while the other pax sprinted to the top of the stairs and back. Each pax completed this twice.

With it being 4 minutes to the start of the 6k, the pax then had an expedited CoT and moseyed the two blocks to the starting line. 3 pax split off to return to the AO to give Mary some love, and 3 of us (YHC, Kraut, and Little Brother) got the instructions for the 6k and then proceeded to run the 3.75 miles through downtown GR and completed their doubledown before 7am.

It was interesting to see the overlap between how F3 is oriented and how November Project. We definitely have plenty of commonalities and a few things we do differently, but we were proud to run with them in solidarity of the pre-dawn workout crews.


  • CSAUP 12 Mile Ruck Saturday

  • Anniversary Workout May 4

  • Golf Interest Sign-Ups on Slack

  • Kraut has the Q Thursday

Bald Eagle Out