Backblast #149 – Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller

The long awaited CSAUP had finally arrived and it was my pleasure to begin the day with the typical Saturday morning post ITG. What to do? Once I decided I wanted the workout to be similar to a GORUCK welcome party – the decision was a no brainer. A workout of the day (WOD) that had been put together by a group of men from the Special Forces. Perfect – the Robbie Miller 1/2 WOD.

Preblast via Slack 4/26/19

Gentlemen of F3 Grand Rapids, tomorrow – in the early gloom of the morning – we will be honoring one of our nation’s hero’s. The medal of honor recipient – Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller.

I am asking all PAX that have a rucksack to load it with 20 pounds. If you do not have a ruck, then bring a coupon. If your body or training is not ready for a ruck or coupon, then the workout can be done with no additional weight.

@channel The time has come to be gone.

#StandByToGetSome #DFQ #SYITG #TimeToHC

AO – The Zoo

Environment – 33 Degrees | 67% Humidity | Crisp

[0700 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 12 PAX] – Hasselhoff, Basic Bro, Soft Spot, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Dungeon Master, Stalin, Bullwinkle, Roid Rage, Kraut, Snoop & MAD COW (QIC) 


Various Stretching

10 SSH (IC)
10 Squats (IC)
10 Merkins (IC)
10 Mountain Climbers (IC)
10 BBS (IC)

Mosey around the AO

The Thang

Prior to beginning the beatdown, a passage on Robbie Miller was read:

The President of the United States of America, authorized by act of Congress, March 3, 1863, has awarded, in the name of the Congress, the MEDAL OF HONOR posthumously to STAFF SERGEANT ROBERT JAMES MILLER, UNITED STATES ARMY, for service as set forth in the following
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The Robbie Miller 1/2 WOD

12 Rounds
– (6) 33 Foot Shuttle Run (One Way, 3 Round Trips Total)
– (6) Burpee Squats (Full Burpee with Jump followed by Squat)
– (6) 4 Ct Mountain Climbers
– (6) Rucksack Getups

An elephant walk was attempted, but YHC starting cramping almost immediately and the exercise was terminated.


(20) Merkins (IC)
(20) Flutter Kicks w/ruck above head (IC)
(20) American Hammers w/ruck (IC)

Leaders Message

Blayne Smith, 3rd Special Forces Group (A), 2007-2009, President, GORUCK

…..Most importantly, he told me about Robbie Miller. There was no talk of medals, but the story he shared was absolutely the stuff of legend. Apparently, this 24-year-old kid had single-handedly charged into a near ambush, beat back 100 or so insurgents, and saved the collective asses of the entire patrol. Bob was very clearly proud of Robbie. He was grateful for his sacrifice. And he was crushed by his loss. I was just glad to still have my friend.

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– Please hold Fresh Cream and his family in your prayers with the unexpected passing of his uncle
– 1-year convergence next Saturday at Brewer Park on 84th.

Its a pleasure,