#137 Flora meets the Stairs


Thursday April 2, 2019

AO: The Stairs

39° / 63% Humidity / 5 mph SSW

Disclaimer and core principles recited to 9 PAX

Bald Eagle, Forrest, Krout, Depends, Rehab, Roid Rage, Fresh Cream, Radio, QIC Soft Spot

Warm – o – Rama
-25 SSH

-Stretch 10sec hold

Wide stance, bend to the right, left, middle

-Circle of goofballs

The PAX would perform goofballs until a PAX called down, we would then complete a burpee and go right back into goofballs. Rinse and repeats until all PAX called down.

The Thang

 The PAX picked up their coupon and Mosey to the stairs for a routine.

The PAX partnered up. 

To start we made one trip up and back on the stairs.

Round 1 – Proceed to 100 Merkins. (One PAX would have feet on the coupon and hold plank while the other, also with feet on their coupon, perform 10 merkins. Rotate until they reached 100)

Before they were able to start round 2 they made another trip up and back on the stairs.

Round 2 – 200 LBC

PAX started on their 6. While one held the coupon high on their chest performing 20 LBC, the other held arms straight up holding the coupon. Rotate until reaching 200

Another trip up and back on the stairs.

Round 3 – 300 Goblet Squats

PAX would hold the coupon like a goblet and perform 25squats while the other held the coupon like a goblet in the down position.

Last trip up the stairs. Once everyone made it to the top Wheel of Merkins was performed. 5 Merkin rep IC rotating to the left until the wheel was complete.

The PAX went back down the stairs to the AO.

There was a little time left, so the PAX performed some streatches to help recover. 

Wide stance reaching to the right, left, center. 10sec hold

Holding one leg behind for 10sec hold and flapjack.

Then pulling the arm behind the head for. 10sec hold, flapjack.


That’s a wrap,   – Soft Spot. I