Backblast #138 – Movin’ on Up

While YHC was licking his wounds from sliding back to a second place ($0 winnings vs. $550 win for 1st) finish in the F3 Naperville March Madness pool due to Virginia’s OT win, the pax gathered to #getafterit the stairs. Five trips up and down were promised, and as with any good transaction the Q over-delivered.

Weather 48 with a Feels Like temp of 39. Shorts Weather.

Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Snoop, Hasselhof, Radio, Rehab, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax started with 2 capri laps where we were able to scoop up Rehab & Snoop. From there we slid right into a 5 count Motivator, 16 Count Windmill, 10 Count Speed Skater, and 16 Arm-Raise Merkins.

We moseyed to the stairs and continued the warm-o-rama with a standard trip up and down.

The pax were then given a time hack of 10 minutes to complete as many trips up and down as possible. A few years back YHC remembered doing 10 trips in 30 minutes, so we set the bar at a minimum of 3 trips up and down. Roid Rage & Radio pushed each other to complete an impressive 5 trips up & down, and the rest of the pax were able to complete just about 4 trips up & down.

We then slowseyed over to the mural wall where we held a 1 minute wall sit to make the legs burn a little more, followed by 10 arm-raise merkins to ensure we did not leave the arms void of work. We slowseyed back over to the base of the stairs, and were given the instructions that the next trip up would be AYG for time. Two stopwatches started at the same time, one traveled up with the first pax up, the second released pax at 10 second intervals so we could gauge our times and push ourselves.

At the top of the hill we moseyed to the streetsign and then back down the stairs to the AO for 6 MoM, which included 10 arm-raise merkins, 20 LBC’s, and leg lifts twice around the circle. The pax finished with a relaxing and refreshing minute of shavasana prior to the CoT.

Stats: the heart rate monitor showed we spent:

9% in Warm-Up (106 HR)
34% in Fat Burn (119 HR)
15% in build fitness (136 HR)
34% in High Intensity (164 HR)
8% in Extreme (174 HR)


  • Embrace the Ruck event coming up on 4/27.

  • Anniversary on 5/4

  • YHC shared a few words from the book The Culture Code about the importance of creating a safe culture of belonging.

Bald Eagle Out